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Use Google Ad-words to generate Tax Leads, Tax Resolution Leads, Tax Settlement Leads.

What is Google Ad-words and how do you utilize it to generate traffic?

Tax Settlement Leads

Google Ad-words is Google’s own advertising service, which allows you to place search results for your own website or landing page. The search results for your product or service will appear on the Search Engine Results Page (S.E.R.P), which you would have to pay a certain amount to get your results displayed.

Tax Settlement Leads

For some of you who are still new to the internet marketing scene, Google Ad-words is one of the easiest and practical ways to generate traffic to your landing page. Contrary to popular belief, the steps are actually quite simple and are not as pricey as some may perceive it to be. Where are my advertisements displayed? How is it displayed? As mentioned in the previous slide, your advertisements will be displayed on the SERP, within the listings of the search engine. The SERP is the results page, where users have typed in their keywords for their search of interest in the ‘Google Search’ page beforehand. The ads can appear in two ways, at the top of the SERP or at the sides.

Tax Settlement Leads

They can look more and more alike, like the original search results. Usually lot of users do not actually recognize the difference between an ad, and the original search results. At the moment, Google places a small ‘Ad’ label on the Google Ad-words which appear on the SERP. Now that you have a rough idea on what Google Ad-words is, we shall look into the mechanics of how to start your own Google Ad-words campaign and navigating it towards your favor.

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